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Vegigator - Vegigator 6 system Flood & Drain (Complete systems)

A collaboration between Nutriculture and IWS, the Vegigator range was developed over 12 months of constant trialling and testing!
Available in 6, 12 and 24 pot configurations, using high quality, 3L pots. All systems are engineered to fit into a 1.2m square grow room.

The Vegigator System comprises of a reservoir, a tray, pots, and a pump with delivery system attached.
The tray sits directly onto the reservoir, with the support of a stand. A timer is used to set the frequency at which nutrient solution is pumped from the reservoir to FLOOD the tray and is then allowed to EBB away.
As the tray floods the plants take all the water and nutrients they need. All stale air is expelled from the root zone then, as the solution drains away, fresh oxygen is pulled back into the root zone.
The amount of nutrient solution used is easily measured and this allows experienced growers to tailor feeding schedules to get the optimum growth from their plants.

System Vegigator 6 system
Tank Volume 185L
Tray Vegigator 6 tray: VG003
Tank Vegigator tank: VG002 Vegigator internal tank stand: VG007
Pump MJ1000 pump: PP088E
Delivery System VG001
Code VG006E
Spares Inlet / drain: EI109 Flood set / overflow: EI115
Dimensions (LxWxH) 120 x 120 x 49cm
Pot & Basket Vegigator 3L pot: FI047 SmartPot 1 Gallon: IWSP1419

Vegigator 6 system

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